Membership in IASBO is essential for school business and district support officials.   Here are several reasons why:

IASBO is the premier resource for business practices and policies in the education community.

  • Connect with leaders across the state to discuss problems, share ideas and find solutions.
  • Become more efficient and effective in your role in your community.
  • Stay informed on current issues.

IASBO will provide Professional Development opportunities – Life-long learning promotes achievement of individual aspirations and organizational excellence.

  • Gain skills & knowledge.
  • Refine individual talents.
  • Prepare today, advance tomorrow.

Professional Development – There is simply no better training and ongoing professional development available across the school business disciplines than the courses, seminars, certifications and sessions offered through IASBO.  Our professional development programs make the difference in the careers of school business officials statewide by providing timely, informative training from the best in the business. IASBO coordinates our training programs with state, local and industry leaders to meet the needs of the local business officials and their home district.  By taking advantage of IASBO’s professional development opportunities, local business officials will not only gain knowledge that helps their districts, but they will be better informed of their roles and responsibilities and be investing in and advancing their careers.

IASBO Advocacy – will advocate and support sound public policy for a quality public education.

  • Influence public policy with other public school advocacy groups.
  • Monitor how bills and budgets will affect districts and what actions are necessary to be prepared.

Advocacy – IASBO’s leadership team and related committees are dedicated to influencing and educating state and local elected officials on issues that affect each district.  IASBO will communicate IASBO’s position on legislation and how bills and budgets may affect each district.

Membership – IASBO thrives on member participation and contribution

  • IASBO is the go-to organization in school business.
  • IASBO represents members in all categories of school business
  • IASBO provides peer guidance and networking opportunities
  • IASBO members receive discounts on workshops and events
  • IASBO members are the voice of the industry

Membership – IASBO members, simply put, are the voice of the industry.  From finance to human resources and risk management to school nutrition, no other association can claim the breadth and depth of members in all school business disciplines. Join IASBO early in your career and take advantage of the peer guidance and networking opportunities the association provides.  Come to us mid-career and earn additional skills.  Participate as a seasoned professional, mentor others, and refine your skills. Be active as a retired member and share your wisdom and experience.  Get involved with IASBO now. Learn how to get through the tough times. Connect with the leaders in the industry. Become better at what you do. Stay informed on the issues of the day. Do it for yourself; do it for your district. Today, you cannot afford not to.

2022 IASBO Membership Application

Click to go to the Membership Application

Please complete the online application and pay via credit card or see the link above for prices and then make a check payable to IASBO and mail to:

Gina Cakebread
Jerome Jt. School District #261
125 4th Avenue West
Jerome, ID 83338